Funding Initiatives

This campaign is dedicated to the development of for the betterment of mankind. It is comprised of hiring technical support staff to make quality improvements to the platform and to develop software, apps and other systems and products to help our users realize successful campaigns that help them achieve their goals, feed the hungry and help others in need.
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About the Campaign

This will be achieved in phases:

Phase 1 – $1,000 for initial set-up, extensions and setting up the Traffic engine to help promote user’s campaigns.

Phase 2 – $5,000 for our first ad campaign to attract virtual assistants, users and donors alike across the internet.

Phase 3 – $15,000 for the second ad campaign ad spend to increase public awareness and increase user base. As we pass each phase, we will update this campaign page accordingly.

After becomes self sustaining, this funding campaign will be dedicated to raising funds for user campaigns as per our discretion and / or to add to our most recent category emergency campaign at the time. As of this update, the Hurricane Harvey Restoration Projects will receive priority assignation of funds.

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